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Whistleblower Jailed Twice for Crime that Does NOT Exist.... Tennessee Grand Jury Responsible for 1 Time

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Sharyn Bovat Has Proof a Williamson County ADA Did NOT Tell the Truth on an Affidavit. Will it Matter? Is More Taxpayer Money Going to Be Wasted?

Sharyn Bovat the Former Top Relocation Consultant Used for NISSAN's Highest Level Executives Has Suffered for Telling the Truth About Wasted Taxpayer Money and Discrimination.

From Jalopnik Article Oct. 5th, 2010 Williamson County ADA Terry Wood said Sharyn Bovat did not mention the Leaf prior to Oct 2010. That is EASILY proven to be a lie. see below 
Sharyn has webstats from 2 companies.... showing that she did mention the Leaf and people looked at the blog.  

Nissan Whistleblower: Letter Sent to Marsha Blackburn About CIA ...
Dec 28, 2012 – This is Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower with a request. FYI- I'm cc'ing a lot of people because I'm terrified - What has happened to me ...
You +1'd this

Solyndra read Sharn Bovat's blog 1142 times 

(remember the solar company that went bankrupt, they looked at my blog each day I was arrested. Also on at least one of those days someone from  The Nashville law firm Baker Donelson - they submitted the affidavit.  To bad I figured out my lawyer was "not on my side"... NOW NISSAN is gonna see "what" Sharyn Bovat "really has).

The Tennessean KNEW about the fraud done with taxpayer money & they stayed silent.  Gannett knew a whistleblower was being abused in the Tennessee courts and they stayed silent.  Why?   Al Gore.

In Terry Woods affidavit "on file" Here's my response that is NOW on file. If you go to the look at it and they say it's not... Call me and I'll tell the DOJ.   

My American constitutional rights have been taken away. NISSAN has slandered me & I'm fighting for Respect for me and the American taxpayers.

Look at these web stats.  The ADA in his "affidavit" is WRONG  I mentioned the Leaf

WOW- the page titles have the word "leaf".....

If this does NOT suppress the affidavit I was told I could take it up to the Supreme court.  I'm gonna find out if that's true.  Last year I was invited to a cocktail party to meet Judge Scalia and I missed it.  This could give me another opportunity.  I hear he's got a great sense of humor.  Maybe the corrupt TN courts will give me another opportunity to meet him... Cool.  This week I was invited to a conference on torture and the future role in it's use.  FYI- I'm a  Cold War era IC researcher & back then we got information have cocktails with the opposition -torture was something the "enemy" did.  I was trained in how to keep my mind going if I was every taken hostage. Those skills came into use in Tennessee.  If you read the court transcript you'll see what NISSAN executive Rob Trayham said about me. He was describing something I did to "keep my mind going" after NISSAN and the ENTIRE community isolated me. For over 2 years people stared at me. I was told to my face I was not welcome in Tennessee. People told me I did not belong in Tennessee.  The last comment is one I agree with.   

Anyway- After ALL this drama in Tennessee the "most corrupt state in the USA" I've decided to go back into National Security.  Since I know stuff about he ex CIA that were involved with drug trafficing  - Oddly a lot of them live in Tennessee.   Lamar Alexander knows who I'm talking about.
My knowledge is WHY I've been persecuted. It's WHY the truth about the Lockerbie crash will be exposed & it's Why people will not want to move to Tennessee.

Carlos Ghosn.... Confess to what YOU Know about the Lockerbie Cover Up

More Exhibits... Soon... 

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Lamar Alexander Flexes Muscle .... Prevents Competition. Insider Deals Could Have Happened. Please Investigate

Seriously too many American suffer because incumbents "cut deals" and that hurts the process.
This is "very odd" especially since Lamar Alexander is liked more by Democrats in Tennessee than Republicans.. Gail Kerr at the Tennessean probably has an organism every time she writes about him.

The NISSAN issue is NOT covered by Gannett and Lamar gets a "free ride" something is fishy.

This needs to be investigated....

People don't trust congress of the mainstream media and there is a justifiable reason why.

Leaf Sales Remain Steady While NISSAN Tries to Get Government to Restructure/Write Off Debt. Can A Reporter Investigate the Claim that Lamar Alexander Got His EXCESSIVE Premature Support for His 2014 Reelection from ALL GOP Elected Members of Congress in Tennessee (Except DesJarlais - Whom Everyone is Avoiding) Lamar Got Support Because He Vowed to Get NISSAN Loan "Wiped"... 

That Means that ALL Americans WIll Suffer NOT Just Those That Live in the Community that the IDB Bond That was Used as Collateral Was Issued. The NISSAN Collateral is a "Black Eye" to Tennessee and it Exposes HIGH Bond Debt in Various Counties TN Looks "Economically" Healthy Based on the State Debt... Once People Dig Deeper it's a Mess... Remember STOCKTON?    

Begin forwarded message:
From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Leaf Sales Remain Stead While NISSAN Tries to Get Government to Restructure/Write Off Debt. Matt Kibbe and Others PLEASE Investigate the Issue that Lamar Alexander Got Excessive Premature 2014 Support for His Reelection Issue - If He Helped "Write Off" Debt. ALL Taxpayers Will Suffer
Date: December 3, 2012 11:04:03 AM CST

Can A Reporter Investigate the allegation that Lamar Alexander Got His EXCESSIVE Premature Support for  His 2014 Reelection?  This is from ALL GOP Elected Members of Congress in Tennessee (Except DesJarlais - Whom Everyone is Avoiding)  

It's been said that Lamar Got Support Because He Vowed to Get NISSAN Loan "Wiped"...  That Means that ALL Americans WIll Suffer NOT Just Those That Live in the Community that the IDB Bond That was Used as Collateral Was Issued.   PLEASE INVESTIGATE
ASK Questions.... This is NOT Acceptable.....  America is Better than this.

Something is Fishy- I'm gonna ask Matt Kibbe to "check it out" Even though I find him a little too conservative at least he CARES about the taxpayers. that's what America needs right NOW!

The NISSAN Collateral is a "Black Eye" to Tennessee and it Exposes HIGH Bond Debt in Various Counties   TN Looks "Economically" Healthy Based on the State Debt... Once People Dig Deeper it's a Mess... Remember  STOCKTON?

The NISSAN EV really cost about 80K .... 63K Just to manufacture
80K when you ad marketing, logistics, customer service, other stuff.
How Can NISSAN "stay in business" selling EV's at that price?
Lease prices have plummeted in 6 months from 319 to 139
Jobs will NOT happen in Tennessee

  1.  "...Right now I don't have much interest in being a repeat Nissan electric buyer - not only because Tesla is offering so much more car per dollar, but because it is plainly interested in developing a community of repeat buyers..."    A Nissan Leaf Owner
    The lease price "clearly" is short term and I was told the 1.4 Billion dollar
    loan that NIssan took from the American taxpayers has to be restructured.  I was told that the loan had NO payments until December (is that correct?) people have used FOIA but tell me their frustrated.  The mainstream media "ignores" this on purpose.

  1. 30K Cars Usually cost 300 - 400 a Month to Lease..... Proving ...

  2. Nov 01, 201230K Cars Usually cost 300 - 400 a Month to Lease..... Proving NISSAN Leaf Lease Was a POLITICAL Trick.... The Rules Stated that you MUST Lease before October 31st.... To Be apart of the November 1st #'s..... BUSTED!

  • Now Lamar "out of the blue" get unanimous support from TN members of congress.  He's the man that "pushed" the GOP into approving the Leaf.

2012 Nissan Leaf - Lease at $180 for 24 mos w/$0 down

Aug 27, 2012 – 
Any thoughts on the $18x/mo 24 mo lease on the 2012 Nissan Leaf? (with 0 down). Linky or LInky Just happen to see this advertised this ...
NIssan Leaf 3yr lease $199 per month, $1999 initial payment‎ 
- Nov 12, 2012
Get a $50 Amazon GC for test driving a Nissan Leaf - YMMV‎ 
- Aug 19, 2012
Need help understanding Federal & CA Tax Credits for buying a ...‎ 
- Jul 10, 2011

  1. Nissan Whistleblower: NISSAN Leaf Lease Prices Cooling Faster ...

    Oct 09, 2012NISSAN Dropped Price of Leaf lease over 50% JUST to have sales to report on November 1st. The car prices is so low the Car is NOW 90% Subsidized by the Taxpayers it's the Let's Keep Obama as President Discount.

    Nissan Whistleblower: NISSAN Leaf NEW $139 Lease is a Gimmick ...

    Oct 08, 2012NISSAN Leaf NEW $139 Lease is a Gimmick That's Costing the American Taxpayers...NISSAN is Burning Money "Just" to Have High Leaf Sales in November "Just" so President Obama Won't Get Embarrassed. The car cost ...
  1. NISSAN Leaf Was a Bargain at $349 a Month....Before Election EV

    Nov 01, 2012One of the more dramatic elements of Nissan's Leaf EV pricing announcement is the remarkably low lease price of $349 per month. Consider that the MINI E is being leased for $850 per month, and the Leaf is a much ...
  1. Nissan Whistleblower: Kevin Martin - Define "Selling Well" in ...

    Nov 02, 2012Nissan Whistleblower: Kevin Martin - Define "Selling Well" in Reference to the Leaf... How Do YOU Lease a Car for $139 When it Cost 80K to Manufacture? Did Jack Sayed of Yashima USA Create ALL Those (4) Green Jobs.
    Nissan Whistleblower: Leaf Prices PLUNGE

    Oct 16, 2012Leaf Prices PLUNGE. In June 2012 the Leaf was $319 to lease BUT now it's lower.... "if" you buy a leaf before October 31st, 2012 that's just before the election it's $139. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out WHY?

    Carlos Ghosn Looks Adorable in Hat...... Still Leaf Sales Plummeted ...

    Jul 05, 2012LEAF 535 1,708 -68.7 3,148 3,875 -18.8. Japan/USA:Nissan to restructure IDB abatement in wake of electric cars loan. Nissan will restructure a land-lease and tax-abatement agreement with the Rutherford County Industrial ...

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There's NO Hope for Fainess in the Tennessee Courts UNLESS The Mainstream Media STARTS Caring...

I Know How Some of the taxpayer money given to NISSAN  was spent....

The Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has done NOTHING.. His  office knows and "does NOT care"...  They protect a foreign company that does business with IRAN.... Why?

Guess the Governor is Corrupt.  Too bad I voted for him.

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Fwd: COO of Renault a Company that Does Business with Iran Using Whistle Blowers Address for COSTCO Membership… Sharyn Bovat "flips" Because Eric Holder's Guy Told Her to File Civil… Sharyn Thinks it's Criminal


Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving. 
Please read this for you will understand the abuse that I've been "ranting" about. 

Thank you


While picking up my child's birthday cake on Saturday 
I learned that Mr. Tavares (My Former Client  Who was on the board of NISSAN Motors whose now the COO of Renault (NISSAN's parent company - that does a lot of business in IRAN).  This man Carlos Tavares that  I whistle blew too STILL uses my child's home address for his COSTCO membership, NISSAN said I was the #2 Security risk.  I was jailed 3 times.  Can YOU imagine how I felt when COSTCO told me that Mr. Tavares the former President of NISSAN Americas was STILL using my address for him membership?  Please watch this video of my Eric Holder "flip out"   I want people to  see the stress I'm under from 3+ years of being bullied by NISSAN

Mr. Tavares is a Good Guy - He wanted the corruption & discrimination to STOP 
In SPRING of 2009 Mr. Tavares knew I was going to blog about the corrupt people running NISSAN's HR.  A LOT of the stuff I blogged about was given to my by people that wanted Carlos Ghosn gone because of his "sleazy" business practices.  An IT expert from NISSAN contacted me about my internet security AFTER I started the blog. 

FYI- Mr. Tavares emailed me DIRECTLY in 2010 (When I exposed "too much" fraud he got nervous.)
Mr. Tavares STILL wanted my emails & ONLY shared with "Good Ole Boys" running HR after there was a "forward by rule" put on his Japanese email account.  

I had to fight in the Tennessee judicial system for OVER 19 months.  

NOW I'm battling NISSAN for my reputation back TWICE the "email stalking" charge was dropped.  

NISSAN accused me of STALKING a CORPORATION TWICE...both dropped and the police in Tennessee Jailed me 3 times...THe DA "let" it continue.  NISSAN paid a lawyer whose the former DA to "babysit" the case from 
day 1.  The STALKING Charges were inhumane. It destroys a person reputation.  

In July I filed a malicious prosecution and NISSAN is still "playing games"  Since I have a child this needs to get resolved.  She was 7 when I whistle blew and NOW she's 11.

VERY Important!!!

The judge in Tennessee quashed the subpoena to have Mr. Tavares speak at my trial. If the last minute "judge swap"  did NOT happen I would have been railroaded into jail for a year (They wanted me silent during the "election"... )That is why I was told the trial was moved from Sept. 2011 to February 2012.  

ALL this for a 1st time misdemeanor and 2 trumped up "email" stalking charges.  
YES!!! Email stalking.  

NISSAN was mad at me because I was emailing their employees and telling them to stop wasting taxpayer money.  

The trespassing charge was "trumped up too"  I'll go into details on that later...  Occupy Protestors in Nashville were charges with the "same" thing. they got snacks - released from jail with NO bond and their charges dropped within 24 hours.  The Tennessean wrote a LOT of stories on the Occupiers in Nashville.  I was jailed 3 times - abused in jail - not fed, bruised and got put in a cell with a woman accused of assault with a lethal weapon.   Why?

This was in a Jalopnik Article in 2010
This was written in Jalopnik in 2010... The mainstream media has ignored the story.

In court Rob Trayham said I was the #2 Security Risk for NISSAN.   I learned that NISSAN executives GLOBALLY were told this.  They put it in the computer system saying that I was "high risk"  Their is NO WAY in hell a "relocation consultant" could be that big of threat.   

A NISSAN employee accused me of using an ALIAS because I was using a "different" last name.  After this happened I told Mr. Tavares to refer to me as Sharyn Bovat and told EVERYONE my last name was BOVAT.
FYI- the alias was my child's dad's name.  some call it a married name.  NISSAN's paranoia got me scared - then I was told that Carlos Ghosn hired "ex CIA" from the NIXON era and that was HOW he stayed in control.  I think that was told to me to scare me.   After I knew I was exposed I sent a letter to Bill Krueger (because I knew his wife- I used to scrapbook with Lyn) I told the NOW Vice Chairman that I "knew" their bullying & intimidation tactics because I was around the people that "wrote the book" on how.

What happened to me was INSANE.... All I did was whistle blow about wasted spending of taxpayer money & discrimination. Because Carlos Ghosn &/or his people feared me for my former CIA research work they TERRORIZED me and discredited me.  Over the years I've seen good honest people (like me) disappear, destroyed or murdered so I knew that I had to blog about ALL and tell the truth.   It was my only hope. I had to get people's attention and "hoped" that they remembered me. 

Because I told the truth my blogs are still viewed today by a LOT of people.  I've heard that some that have terrorized me because of my blogging are now facing IRS probes.  

NISSAN executives "swore out warrants" because they were stealing money from America.  NISSAN has about 6 Billion in American IDB debt.  Can a reporter invesigate?
  1. Mainstream Media PULLED Articles About NISSAN's IDB Debt
    Jan 14, 2012 – 
    Mainstream Media PULLED Articles About NISSAN's IDB Debt. Why did the Tennessean pull the article on the IDB Bonds that NISSAN has ...

Mr. Tavares did NOT want the EV to be built UNTIL NISSAN had "good technology" but Carlos Ghosn wanted the cash.  Catherine Perez who was the VP of Purchasing for Renault/NISSAN -my former client and Carlos Ghosn's former Mistress told me about NISSAN's "severe" cash flow problem.

Anyway... How would you feel if your life was "turned upside down" and then found out the #2 Guy at NISSAN's parent company Renault was "still" using your address for a COSTCO membership?

The Fraud is Real...  Rob McNeilly If YOU Really Care About the Community You'll  Do Something About It?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Did y'all know General Petraeus for a while was based in Tennessee? 
This state "breeds" hypocrisy. The guy probably caught it here.

"I'll never apologize for the United States of America. Ever. I don't care what the facts are."  George H. Bush August 1988

"Tragedies are bad but cover ups last generations" 
My Grandfather 

When looking back at the data I will admit from the prospective of a carpool mom I "think" former President Bush should have apologized to those that lost their loved ones, the tragedy of the Iranian aircraft carrying civilians was an accident. 
Yes!!!  America "accidentally" shot down an Iranian aircraft that had "civilians" on board.   I even debated this with my grandfather while we were sitting by the fire in his 50's era ranch home in Pebble Beach on Strawberry Hill Road.  In the 80's & early 90's my grandfather would play mind games with me that usually involved "feisty" dialogue and he liked to play "devils advocate" and any topic was open for a debate. 

 the years from endless conversations that led my education of how  America    dominated, patriotism & pride.  

Our nation became the worlds super power because we're a "war driven" society. America's economy was "war driven"  America during the Cold Was was tough on communism, fearless in a fight and loyal to our allies.

Sharyn Bovat pictures at the Monterey Peninsula Country Club with her grandparents.

George H. Bush was in a Post Cold War mindset.  The crash happened the day before the 4th of July.  It was an "election year" and he had the opportunity to achieve the position that he had trained for his "entire life" a B rated "movie actor" had taken the title from him in 1980 and damn-it he was gonna get what he deserved.   

The media "played along" for MANY reasons. The summer of 1988 was a BIG News summer.  An olympics hosted by South Korea was going to happen.  This was VERY important to America  for diplomatic reasons. 
Many in the "mainstream media" figured out how by "keeping secrets from the public they could profit"  

During one conversation by the fire with my grandfather that after Watergate a "shifting" of power happened.  Business (banks) became dominant shareholders of the companies that owned the major papers/network.  He said "never again can we trust what we read in the paper."  Then he made some comment about TV newscasters having some credibility - at least those that took "ownership" of their broadcast content. He really like Peter Jennings.

Anyway I'm writing this because so many Americans do NOT know about the accident that since it was the precursor to the the "revenge" the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 people need to know.  If not they will never understand "how" the cover up happened.  How Libya was identified as the "sole" conspirator" for the loss of 270 American and British civilians.  

People tell me I need to "clearly" state the facts, they say that "what" the mainstream media has fed them for OVER a generation has "never" made sense. 

A man who contacted me a while back told me his dad in his 60's is/was an executive for a "major airline" he told me his dad harbors LOTS of stress from things he "can't" talk about. Their family has been destroyed by the secrecy. He did mention that his dad has started to journal his experiences.  I was told that when "my story" makes it to the mainstream so does his dads. 

1988 Summer Olympics
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Games of the XXIV Olympiad

The 1988 Summer Olympics.... in SeoulSouth Korea
 In the Seoul Games, 160 nations were represented by a total of 8391 athletes: 6197 men and 2194 women. 263 events were held and 27,221 volunteers helped to prepare the Olympics. 11,331 media (4978 written press and 6353 broadcasters) showed the Games all over the world.[1]
These were the last Olympic Games for two of the world's "dominating" sport powers, the Soviet Union and East Germany, as both ceased to exist before the next Olympic Games.
North Korea, still officially at war with South Korea, and its allies, AlbaniaCubaMadagascar and Seychelles boycotted the games. For differing reasons, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, and Albania (who declared an Olympic-record fourth consecutive boycott) did not participate in the Games. However, the much larger boycotts seen in the previous three Summer Olympics were avoided, resulting in the largest ever number of participating nations to that date.

Iran Air Flight 655
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Iran Air Flight 655

Iran Air Flight 655
 was a civilian jet airliner shot down by U.S. missiles on 3 July 1988 as it flew over the Strait of Hormuz at the end of the Iran–Iraq War. The aircraft, an Airbus A300B2-203 operated by Iran Air, was flying from Bandar AbbasIran to DubaiUnited Arab Emirates. While flying in Iranian airspace over Iran's territorial waters in the Persian Gulf on its usual flight path, it was destroyed by the United States Navy guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes (CG-49). All 290 onboard including 66 children and 16 crew perished.[1] The incident is ranked ninth among the deadliest disasters in aviation history. It was the highest death toll of any aviation incident in the Indian Ocean and the highest death toll of any incident involving an Airbus A300 anywhere in the world.
[citation needed] TheVincennes had entered Iranian territorial waters after one of its helicopters drew warning fire from Iranian speedboats operating within Iranian territorial limits.

The Flight 655 incident was a year after the 17 March 1987, Iraqi Air Force attack on the U.S. Navy guided-missile frigate USS Stark (FFG-31). U.S. naval forces had exchanged gunfire with Iranian gunboats in the fall of 1987. The U.S. Navy guided-missile frigate USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG-58) had struck an Iranian sea mine in April 1988. Two months before the incident the US had also engaged in Operation Praying Mantis resulting in the sinking of the Iranian frigate Sahand. Tensions were therefore high in the Strait of Hormuz.
According to the United States Government, the crew identified the Iranian Airbus A300 as an attacking F-14 Tomcat fighter (a plane made in the United Statesand operated at that time by only two forces worldwide, the United States Navy and the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force). The Iranian government maintains that Vincennes negligently shot down the civilian aircraft. The event generated a great deal of controversy and criticism of the United States. Some analysts have blamed U.S. military commanders and the captain of Vincennes for reckless and aggressive behavior in a tense and dangerous environment.[2][3]
In 1996, the United States and Iran reached "an agreement in full and final settlement of all disputes, differences, claims, counterclaims" relating to the incident at the International Court of Justice.[4] As part of the settlement, the United States agreed to pay US$61.8 million, an average of $213,103.45 per passenger, in compensation to the families of the Iranian victims. However, the United States has never admitted responsibility, nor apologized to Iran.[5]
As of January 2012, Iran Air was still using flight number IR655 on the TehranDubai rout
U.S. government accounts

A missile departs the forward launcher of Vincennes during a 1987 exercise. The forward launcher was also used in the downing of Iran Air 655.
According to the U.S. government, the Vincennes mistakenly identified the Iranian airliner as an attacking military fighter. The officers misidentified the flight profile being flown by the Airbus A300B2 as being similar to that of an F-14A Tomcat during an attack run; however, the ship's own Aegis combat system recorded the flight plan of the Iranian airliner as ascending (not descending as in an attack run) at the time of the incident.[15] The commercial flight had originated at Bandar Abbas, which served dual roles as a base for Iranian F-14 operations and as a hub for commercial, civilian flights.[2] According to the same reports, the Vincennes tried unsuccessfully to contact the approaching aircraft, seven times on the military emergency frequency and three times on the civilian emergency frequency, but never on air traffic control frequencies. However, this civilian aircraft was not equipped to pick up military frequencies while the messages on the civilian emergency channel could have been directed at any aircraft. More confusion arose as the hailed speed was the ground speed, while the pilot's instruments displayed airspeed, which happened to be 50-knot (93 km/h) different.[20]
At 10:24 am, with the civilian jet 11 nautical miles (20 km) away, the Vincennes fired two SM-2MR surface-to-air missiles, both of which hit Flight 655. After the attack, the Vincennes' crew realized that the plane had been a civilian airliner.
This version was finalized in a report by Admiral William Fogarty, entitled Formal Investigation into the Circumstances Surrounding the Downing of Iran Air Flight 655 on 3 July 1988.[21] Only parts of this report have been released (part I in 1988 and part II in 1993). The Fogarty report stated, "The data from USS Vincennes tapes, information from USS Sides and reliable intelligence information, corroborate the fact that [Iran Air Flight 655] was on a normal commercial air flight plan profile, in the assigned airway, squawking Mode III 6760, on a continuous ascent in altitude from take-off at Bandar Abbas to shoot-down."
When questioned in a 2000 BBC documentary, the U.S. government stated in a written answer that they believed the incident may have been caused by a simultaneous psychological condition amongst the 18 bridge crew of the Vincennes called 'scenario fulfillment', which is said to occur when persons are under pressure. In such a situation, the men will carry out a training scenario, believing it to be reality while ignoring sensory information that contradicts the scenario. In the case of this incident, the scenario was an attack by a lone military aircraft.[22]
The U.S. government issued notes of regret for the loss of human lives and in 1996 paid reparations to settle a suit brought in the International Court of Justice regarding the incident, however the United States never released an apology or acknowledgment of wrongdoing. In August 1988, Newsweek quoted Vice President George H. W. Bush as saying "I'll never apologize for the United States of America. Ever. I don't care what the facts are." [23]

Potential factors
  • The ship's crew did not efficiently consult commercial airliner schedules, due to confusion over which time zone the schedules referred to. The schedules flight times used Bandar Abbas airport time while the Vincennes was on Bahrain time. The airliner's departure was 27 minutes later than scheduled. "The CIC was also very dark, and the few lights that it did have flickered every time the Vincennes fired at the speedboats. This was of special concern to Petty Officer Andrew Anderson, who first picked up Flight 655 on radar and thought that it might be a commercial aircraft. As he was searching in the Navy's listing of commercial flights, he apparently missed Flight 655 because it was so dark."[31]
  • An Iranian P-3 was in the area some time before the attack, thought to be flying a "classic targeting profile",[21] and in some reports providing an explanation why no radar signals were detected from Iran Air Flight 655.[32] Other reports state that the Airbus was immediately detected after takeoff by Vincennes'AN/SPY-1 radar at a range of 47 miles (76 km).[8]
  • The crew of the Vincennes Combat Information Center (CIC) confusingly reported the plane as ascending and descending at the same time (there were two "camps"). This seems to have happened because the Airbus' original Link 11 track, number 4474, had been replaced by the Sides track, number 4131, when the computer recognised them as one and the same. Shortly thereafter, track 4474 was re-assigned by the system to an American A-6, several hundred miles away, which was following a descending course at the time. Apparently not all the crew in the CIC realized the track number had been switched on them.
  • The psychology and mindset after engaging in a battle with Iranian gunboats. There are claims that Vincennes was engaged in an operation using a decoy cargo ship to lure Iranian gunboats to a fight. However, those claims are denied by Fogarty in "Hearing Before The Investigation Subcommittee and The Defense Policy Panel of The Committee on Armed Services, House of Representatives, One Hundred Second Congress, Second Session, 21 July 1992". Also, the initial claims of Vincennes being called for help by a cargo ship attacked by Iranian gunboats have been ruled out. That leads to claims that the Iranian gunboats were provoked by helicopters inside Iranian waters and not the other way around.[33] This might have contributed to the mistakes made. The actual reasons for the Vincennes' engagement with gunboats is not so clear to this date.
The U.S. government issued notes of regret for the loss of innocent human life. The government never admitted wrongdoing, and did not accept responsibility nor submit an apology to the Iranian government.[5]
In February 1996, the United States agreed to pay Iran US$131.8 million in settlement to discontinue a case brought by Iran in 1989 against the U.S. in the International Court of Justice relating to this incident,[27] together with other earlier claims before the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal.[4] US$61.8 million of the claim was in compensation for the 248 Iranians killed in the shoot-down ($300,000 per wage-earning victim, $150,000 per non-wage-earner). In total 290 civilians on board (including 38 non-Iranians and 66 children) were killed. It was not disclosed how the remaining $70 million of the settlement was apportioned, though it appears a close approximation of the value of a used A300 jet at the time. Further compensation was paid for the 38 non-Iranian deaths. The payment of compensation was explicitly characterized by the US as being on an ex gratia basis, and the U.S. denied having any responsibility or liability for what happened.

The incident overshadowed U.S.-Iran relations for many years. Following the explosion of Pan Am Flight 103 six months later, the British and American governments initially blamed the PFLP-GC, a Palestinian militant group backed by Syria, with assumptions of assistance from Iran in retaliation for Iran Air Flight 655. The cause of the crash was later determined to be a bomb associated with the Libyan intelligence service.