Monday, October 15, 2012

It Takes a Village to Railroad a Whistleblower.... Please Encourage Mediation..

Let's sit at a conference room table and work this out.....

I have emails and proof that I can show WHY I did what I did. 
In 2009 I was told that I could be a Catalyst for change at NISSAN.

People gave me information to blog about.  They wanted me to do what I do.

My child does not need a mommy that's fighting  for her reputation...  I will show you an email I received from Carlos Tavares in 2010.  I will show you that people wanted me to expose that the battery was made with outdated technology.  

We will work out a way that I get my dignity and you get to keep enjoying the tax breaks with out me "ranting about the Leaf...."  I'm serious.  My child is suffering.  This needs to be resolved.

If what I did was ALL about money I would have taken the money HR VP Mark Stout offered me in 2009.

My blogging has been about "fairness" for all Nissan employees, the Taxpayers and for discrimination to stop.... and I'm realizing that in America it does not exist.

What I want is what's fair and I want my REPUTATION back.

A former NISSAN employee who has access to Carlos Tavares and he's asked if me he can reach out to him.  He sees the pain I'm in... I'm going to tell him to "do it" maybe the future CEO of NISSAN to to be a voice of humanity..  After all I Sharyn Bovat "saved the Renault Three"... it's time for me.

Thank You

Sharyn Bovat

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Judge This Tennessee

NISSAN YOU Hurt America..... I Bet YOU Don't Even Care... I Told Someone I Want YOUR Executives  to Have to Tag a Long With the People That Tell Soliders Families Their Loved Ones Just Died in the Middle East.

Sirs - When YOU See the Face of Someone Who Was Just Told They Lost a Loved One YOU Might Actually Care About the Fact That NISSAN Does Business in Iran.

Until YOU See the Faces of the families You'll Be as Useless to Society as the NISSAN Leaf....