Sunday, June 17, 2012

 Did NISSAN recruit people at the special Olympics to manage communications? The fact is NISSAN has FLIP FLOPPED on the Leafs #'s so much comparatively Mitt Romney looks like a solid rock.

From Prominent Green AutoBlog April 7th

While conductor (and CEO) Carlos Ghosn was undeterred in his bold sales predictions and pointing his baton at a 2012 target of 20,000 units for the Leaf, no less than the director of Nissan Leaf marketing and sales strategy for North America, Brendan Jones, is reported to have said of the ambitious sales goal, "In 2012, I doubt's unlikely." Oops.

The company quickly reacted to the sour note, saying that Jones had misspoken and insisting that the all-electric hatch would indeed hit its numbers. They Jones also massaged the message a bit, saying that, by 2012, they meant fiscal 2012. For Nissan, that calender runs from April 1 to March 31 and so the embarrassing low sales of early 2012 might not
factor into the final count.

UPDATE: Nissan's David Reuter told AutoblogGreen that, "We have not changed our commitment to sell 20,000 LEAF's in calendar year 2012. It was Brendan Jones who said fiscal year but we corrected that point as he misspoke. Domenick says in the post that we've changed the target to fiscal year '12, which we have not. We will sell 20,000 LEAF's in calendar year 2012."

Below is in Bloomberg TODAY

Nissan Sees Leaf Sales Doubling in U.S.

By Crayton Harrison and Jose Enrique Arrioja on June 17, 2012

Nissan Motor Co. (7201), Japan’s second-largest carmaker, will overcome a slowdown in deliveries of its all-electric Leaf vehicle, doubling U.S. sales to 20,000 during its current fiscal year, the vice chairman of its U.S. unit said.

A new plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, will be ready to make the cars in December, helping boost supply before the fiscal year ends in March, Nissan’s Bill Krueger said in an interview yesterday in Los Cabos, Mexico, where he was visiting for the B-20 business summit. The automaker also is expanding sales nationally after beginning in seven states, he said.

FYI  the Leaf made in the USA is from a KIT and it looks like Jack Sayed who's "in" with the scheme is helping to funnel the parts to the  USA.  This is a SCAM... Notice they just "bought" 4 months.... WHy?
Obama is worried about the ELECTION