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Letter Matt Kisber, Reagan Farr and LBMC About Corruption In the Tennessee Judicial System. The Courts are Used in Tennessee to Hide Fraud

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Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower Reaches Out to Reagan Farr, Matt Kisber and LBMC Strategic Staffing Sharyn Bovat Wants Them to Help Her Find a Job Solar Fraud is Real

Hello Staffing Company Connected to the Most Powerful Good Ole Boy Network in Tennessee:

This is Sharyn Bovat I was considered the top relocation consultant in Middle Tennessee. When I whistle blew about DOE fraud, discrimination, and corruption at Nissan North America I was was bullied and harassed. Warrants were sworn out and I was jailed 3 times, a 4th warrant was accidentally put in the system after I was on local TV complaining about diversity issues in the schools, I've endured 19+ months of court appearances, a state trooper stalked me(2010), Michael Thomason of Governor Bredesen's administration befriended me and became my bridge partner, I've had death threats, Nissans circled my home, my child has suffered & a LOT more.
LBMC I want to go back to work and I have a class C misdemeanor on my record until I can get the #### out of Tennessee I want to be busy. Currently I'm working on a press release to ask Governor Haslam for an exoneration and expungement.
Im INNOCENT of the crime = to a speeding ticket. Basically I was on property that I was told to not go to BECAUSE I thought due to the fact the man (Dominique Thormann) who ordered the letter telling me I could not be at Nissan (the same as the man that asked congress for OVER 1 Billion tax dollars to build an electric car that insiders at Nissan told me was going to "fail" and jobs would not be created) .... since he LEFT Nissan (after I put on my blog that he was a bad spender of taxpayer money) then I thought it was OK for me to go to Nissan North America on July 7th 2010. I went to the office because NISSAN had not helped me with my references or training like they had promised after I whistle blew. In fact Nissan executives slandered me, some people were told that I was gay. Luckily I proved that was NOT true then yesterday a local said they thought I was bi-sexual. HELLO!!! The slander that happened to me was real. This is a homophobic society. What NISSAN executives that did deals with Matt Kisber and Reagan Farr did to discredit me was horrible.
Mr. Tavares a Nissan board member emailed me in February 2010 (the letter ordered by Thormann used to have me arrested was done in July 2009) and I had met with people in 2010 that were aware I might be getting a job at Nissan Motors AFTER the letter was ordered. Even in 2011 I heard from people connected to the TOP Nissan management in japan. I had a call from the head of one of Nissan's vendors in July 2011. A Corporate VP in Japan told him to call me. Why?
Still in February I was found guilty of a class C misdemeanor= to a speeding ticket. The fact is I was NOT wrong... I'm right. I'm a victim of selective prosecution. The DA's office NEVER should have let the judicial harassment go on so long. Nissan hired a bunch of lawyers to work on having me discredited. A former DA named Joe Baugh was used to baby sit my case. For over 19th months I fought the Tennessee courts. Maybe the NISSAN Fraud is connected to the SOLAR "deals" from Bredesen's ECD:
The jury could NOT understand my rational: A lady in the gallery watching was wearing Nissan logowear I was RAILROADED.

Luckily MOST of America understands that I was abused by the Tennessee courts and so do MANY Tennesseans. "Educated" people "get it" they understand that corporations can be "evil (a southern word)"

In Tennessee the jury was "tainted" by the mainstream media. I've got proof.
Still I paid the $50 fine and court cost JUST to "get my life back"... Two other charges against me were dropped. One in the summer of 2010 and the other in February 2012. Those charges could have had me jailed for 11 months. Had a "new" judge NOT been assigned to my case I'd have been jailed simply for trying to protect the American tax payers. The stress I've been under knowing that Tennessee wanted me railroaded is bad for over a year I've documented my blood pressure and it's high.....
LBMC: The fact is Tennessee is the MOST corrupt state in America and Matt Kisber and Reagan Farr were involved with some "iffy" deals and because I'm a former researcher connected to the CIA they wanted me discredited. The NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn "most likely" did deals with Iran during Iran Contra, Senator Corkers office has taken issues of fraud to the DOJ
LBMC Ya'll gonna help me?
Sharyn Bovat

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Message From Janice Johnson Posted to Tennessee Judicial Reform Website

Why We Need Reform...

History of Tennessee Judicial Reform and WHY We Need to Make Changes in Tennessee

By Janice Johnson

Brentwood TN: The Tennessee General Assembly has had 5 contiguous years of hearings with over 50 citizens testifying of abuses in the courtroom in five different committee venues. We have footage of over 30 hours of horrific testimony. Fifteen of the individuals testifying were lawyers testifying that they experienced judicial retaliation when they attempted to request that the judge recuse themselves due to a conflict of interest in their client's case. One of those lawyers simply requested that the judge recuse herself because she was the Aunt of the plaintiff. The judge not only would not recuse herself, she filed a complaint against the lawyer to the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility (whose members are appointed by the Supreme Court). The Attorney General is also appointed by the Supreme Court. 10 of the judges on the Court of the Judiciary (COJ), the disciplinary body for judges, are also appointed by the Supreme Court. We have even had hearings regarding the judicial retaliation the individuals who testified had experience after testifying before the legislature. In several cases children's safety and wellbeing were severely compromised and one of those children testified about the extreme physical abuse he had received and permanent brain damage as a result of that abuse. It was heart wrenching, yet, nothing significant has been done by the Tennessee General Assembly to stop these judges from abusing citizens in their courtrooms.

Over the past four years, we have introduced but failed to pass legislation requiring that all courtrooms be videotaped, that a liaison from the legislature be appointed to review all complaints, and that a "litigant's bill of rights" be posted in the courtrooms. We did pass a bill to add the Court of the Judiciary to the sunset provisions. For the first time since their inception thirty four years ago, the Court of Judiciary had to defend their existence to the joint subcommittee of Government Operations. The joint subcommittee made no recommendation for reauthorization. In the words of Ronald Reagan, "The closest thing to eternal life here on earth is a government bureaucracy." This is why, periodically, the various departments have to present their budget and a reason for their existence before the Government Operations Committee, but up until last Fall, the COJ had never had to do that.

Unfortunately, for the citizens of Tennessee, the judges lobbied hard (on taxpayer dollars) and even hired additional lobbyist and two trail lawyers (on tax payer dollars) introduced a "reformed" version of the Court of the Judiciary, which is worse than the current body. Attached is the reformed COJ which has passed the Senate and House Judiciary committees and now waits in Calendar and Rules Committee. Those same judges and attorneys introduced and lobbied to have the COJ Sunrise and be reauthorized.

Attached is the judge's version of the "reformed" Court of the Judiciary
the alleged disciplinary body for judges). This bill is worse than the current conditions. All complaints are reviewed and meetings are held in secret. There are 10 judges (appointed by judges), 3 Practicing Attorneys (appointed by Speaker of the House, Lt. Gov, and Gov.), and 3 members of the public (appointed by Speaker of the House, Lt. Gov. and Gov.). The worst part is that (on page 3) Section 2.(a) codified the currently illegal practice of allowing the hired attorney, the Disciplinary Council (ONE PERSON), to EVALUATE ALL COMPLAINTS, IN SECRET, WITH NO OPEN RECORDS LAW OR SUNSHINE LAWS. Currently, this one individual evaluates and summarily dismisses 75% of the complaints (according to the COJ report which we have no way of verifying) and then shreds the complaint. This new COJ (euphemistically renamed the "Board of Judicial Conduct") simply produces an unverifiable number of complaints processed.

There is a reason Tennessee is consider by three national watch dog groups to be considered the most corrupt state in the nation. There is no oversight of the judges in Tennessee and the Judicial Disciplinary process is an insult to our intelligence.

Janice Johnson
(615) 474-2761

If men were angels, no government would be necessary. James Madison 4th president of US (1751 - 1836)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tennessee Judicial System Allows for Harassment of Whistleblowers. Wiki's Typology of a Cover UP Shows HOW the Courts Are Used as Tools to Hide Fraud/Terrorism

Countries that looked at my blog YESTERDAY (video shows mainstream media bias and participation in cover up of the harassment of the whistleblower the Tennessee Judicial systerm was used to harm the credibility of the whistleblower.  The Gannett owned Tennessean KNEW about the cover up of wasted spending of taxpayer money but did NOTHING at the request of Rahm Emanuel)

Typology of Cover-ups from Wiki

The following list is considered to be a typology[2] since those who engage in cover-ups tend to use many of the same methods of hiding the truth and defending themselves. This list was compiled from famous cover-ups such as Watergate Scandal, Iran-Contra Affair, My Lai Massacre, Pentagon Papers, the cover-up of corruption in New York City under Boss Tweed (William M. Tweed and Tammany Hall) in the late 1800s,[3] and the tobacco industry coverup of the health hazards of smoking.[4] The methods in actual cover-ups tend to follow the general order of the list below.
Initial Response to Allegation
  1. Flat Denial
  2. Convince the Media to Bury the Story
  3. Preemptively Distribute False Information
  4. Claim That the “Problem” is Minimal
  5. Claim Faulty Memory
  6. Claim the Accusations are Half Truths
  7. Claim the Critic Has No Proof
  8. Attack the Critic’s Motive
  9. Attack the Critic’s Character
Withhold or Tamper with Evidence
  1. Prevent the Discovery of Evidence
  2. Destroy or Alter the Evidence
  3. Make Discovery of Evidence Difficult
  4. Create Misleading Names of Individuals and Companies to Hide Funding
  5. Lie or Commit Perjury
  6. Block or Delay Investigations
  7. Issue Restraining Orders
  8. Claim Executive Privilege
Delayed Response to Allegation
  1. Deny a Restricted Definition of Wrongdoing (e.g. torture)
  2. Limited Hang Out (i.e., Confess to Minor Charges)
  3. Use Biased Evidence as a Defense
  4. Claim That the Critic’s Evidence is Biased.
  5. Select a Biased Blue Ribbon Commission or “Independent” Inquiry
Intimidate Participants, Witnesses or Whistleblowers[5]
  1. Bribe or Buy Out the Critic
  2. Generally Intimidate the Critic By Following Him/Her, Killing Pets, etc.
  3. Blackmail: Hire Private Investigators and Threaten to Reveal Past Wrongdoing ("Dirt')
  4. Death Threats of the Critic or His Family
  5. Threaten the Critic with Loss of Job or Future Employment in Industry
  6. Transfer the Critic to an Inferior Job or Location
  7. Intimidate the Critic with Lawsuits or SLAPP suits[6]
  8. Murder; Assassination
Publicity Management
  1. Bribe the Press
  2. Secretly Plant Stories in the Press
  3. Retaliate Against Hostile Media
  4. Threaten the Press With Loss of Access
  5. Attack the Motives of the Press
  6. Place Defensive Advertisements
  7. Buy Out the News Source.
Damage Control
  1. Claim No Knowledge of Wrongdoing
  2. Scapegoats: Blame an Underling for Unauthorized Action
  3. Fire the Person(s) in Charge
Win Court Cases
  1. Hire the Best Lawyers
  2. Hire Scientists and Expert Witnesses Who Will Support Your Story
  3. Delay with Legal Maneuvers
  4. Influence or Control the Judges
Reward Cover-up Participants
  1. Hush Money
  2. Little or No Punishment
  3. Pardon or Commute Sentences
  4. Promote Employees as a Reward for Cover-up
  5. Reemploy the Employee After Dust Clears

Monday, March 19, 2012

To Have Just 1 Person Review a Judicial Complaint it "Not American"....To Avoid Corruption You Must Have 3 Sets of Eyes on Each Problem Reported..

“Everything secret degenerates, even the administration of justice; nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and publicity.”John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton

Here are a couple of good links sent from Janice Johnson:
If you would like a link to the Judge This Tennessee to this blog or to the website email Sharyn 
(the views on the links are not neccessarily the views of the publisher of the blog or website)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Judicial Corruption is Rampet in the South. The Good Ole Boy Network is Alive and Strong. It's Time to Tell the Boys to "Play Fair"... In America Everyone has Constitutional Rights.

Tennessee is ranked #1 in corruption and a surveillance expert who served America as a member of Delta Force in the Gulf war told me it will take 2 generations to "clean up" the corruption in Tennessee. The South is a cesspool of Good Ole Boy networks. 

In Tennessee Some Judges are Connected to the  
Good Ole Boy Network & They
 "Rule the Roost"  or
"Birds of a Feather Flock Together"

The Good Ole Boy network connected to the Jucdical system got exposed because in Tennessee they "teamed up" with people associated with GLOBAL organized crime.  It's sad...but true:

NISSAN Identified me as the #2 Security Risk, it in court transcripts. 

There are 6 whistleblowers in Europe that have endured being "mis labeled" and have had retaliation. Luckily 3 of the men are now filing criminal investigations.

Maybe it's Because the NISSAN and "Solar Profiteers are involved in a GLOBAL Scam.

About 5 months ago a man connected to the EU reached out to me about GREEN fraud and said "something similar to the NISSAN issue is happening in Europe"...

The Sarkozy Government has allowed the fraud to continue. In fact I blame them for promoting this "faux green" agenda.

We need energy security and "that won't happen" if the EV is a bust. Which it will be do the the premature launch of the electric car.

Too many chargers have been paid for that will go unused. The taxpayer is mad and when viable technology comes out congress will be scared to act. Over 18 months ago I blogged that the NISSAN CEO was doing a "false flag" operation.

This is to keep America dependent on the Middle East. Then France make a lot of money selling arms and trading with terrorist nations.
Because I whistleblew I've faced SEVER retaliation.

For over 2 years I've been stalked, had death threats & was bullied .... NOBODY in Tennessee cared.

Bruce Bateman at the Franklin Police ignores me:
WHY? Is he a Good Ole Boy? or is he a Good Guy that does not know what to do?
Tennessee is ranked #1 in corruption and a surveillance who served America as a member of Delta Force in the Gulf war expert told me it will take 2 generations to "clean up" the corruption in Tennessee. The South is a cesspool of Good Ole Boy networks.

In DC I was told Bill Haslam was "connected to the Good Ole Boy network" & that every successful politician in the south is.

I was told compared to Haley Barbour he's need to worry about being followed by state troopers or unfair prosecution. Still the prosecution continued for OVER a year after he was sworn in. I was told Haley Barbour's people were involved with that.
Mark Silverman called the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation "the Gestapo"... I don't trust them to investigate the issue of HOW a whistleblower could face excessive retaliation. I was told that people in BOTH political parties would be exposed so it's best to "cut a deal" and move on with my life. I have to move to state that i feel safe. I'm a mom and I worry about my child. Haley Barbour recently pardoned a LOT of people:

While Haley Barbour was considered a presidential candidate I was stalked by a red NISSAN Titan truck. One with Mississippi plates. due to "no front plate" I could never get the plate #. It had a gun rack...but a LOT of red Titan trucks in Tennessee have those.

Anyway recently Mr. Barbour pardoned A LOT of people....and some of them murderers.

I feel that my name might be on a "list"... List are BIG with Good Ole Boy Networks....Right Greg Kelly and Mark Stout?

I was told that NISSAN has/had a list of "who to harass". It was confirmed by 2 different "insiders". I was told to KEEP blogging and to get my story out so that "if " something were to happen to me then people would investigate."

Mark Silverman told during lunch at Sambucca that Haley Barbour was not DIRECTLY responsible for the harassment I'd received.

By putting EVERYTHING that I know from when I did research for CIA operatives then there is NO REASON for anyone connected to the "creepy" element of the CIA or in politics to harm me.

All I worry about NOW is Good Ole Boys from Tennessee that have profited for generations. I will NOT research any of the "tips" I've gotten about profiteering from NISSAN's move to Tennessee.

Only will I mention on this blog stuff that I put on . When I blogged about Real Estate Issues my southern viewership skyrocketed.

That said: ALL I want is this "drama" to be over. Tennessee "If" you want to keep the culture of favoritism in the state FINE. Keep it. Just don't recruit companies from other states KNOWING that the people that move here will NOT have the opportunities that those born in Tennessee have.

America is about having FREEDOM and that includes "if" you work hard to have the FREEDOM to succeed. Today I'm asking YOU to give me the Freedom from feeling terrorized. Tell NISSAN to "clean up" its act and to Treat the Whistleblower with RESPECT. I have to make MAJOR decision on whether I want to proceed with pushing for a criminal investigation. Some people are encouraging me to "fight the bastards" but I KNOW that would be ugly. I have a child and I know Good Ole Boy networks in the south are connected to some VERY powerful people.

The most bizarre aspect is that Good Ole Boys are perceived racist and in this case the Bredesen/NISSAN Good Ole Boys are in bed with the Obama Administration.

The one thing I'm not quite sure about is:

How deep is President Obama into this?

Was he misled?

Did he and his staff trust the wrong people? or Is he a player?

President Obama's people that are connected to Haley Barbour could NOT be directly connected to the people that wanted Sonny Bono dead?

OR connected to the People that 'Covered Up the Mysterious Death of Margaret Lesher?
Drowning of heiress left many questions, rumors
Charles Kelly The Arizona Republic May 23, 2002
Sometimes a death can be as mysterious as human behavior itself. That's true in the case of newspaper heiress Margaret Lesher, who drowned in Bartlett Lake in 1997. Investigators said she died by accident, but no one knows why she took a late-night swim. The sudden death of a rich person always seems to raise more questions than that of a poor one, and the death of Lesher, whose estate totaled $100 million, had question mills working overtime. Lesher, 65, had inherited the money from her second husband, Dean Lesher, who built the Contra Costa Times and its sister papers in the San Francisco Bay area into a publishing empire.

Carlos Ghosn has a HISTORY of falsely accsuing people .....It's morally wrong!!!
Renault fired the French workers after receiving an anonymous tip that they hid money paid to them for spying on the automaker’s electric-car program in bank accounts in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Investigators found the accounts didn’t exist and the men hadn’t spied on the company, and Renault apologized, saying it was a victim of manipulation.
Renault’s Luxembourg unit fired two employees, including its then-chief financial officer, and forced its head of technical services to resign in 2009 after receiving information they also hid money in bank accounts in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, L’Essentiel, a Luxembourg publication, said yesterday citing Antonio Dorego, the man forced to resign.
Dorego won a wrongful-termination suit against Renault in Luxembourg and he and the two others have joined the French investigation, L’Essentiel said. He met with French police in September and was told that Renault had based their decision on falsified information about the bank accounts, similar to the three French employees fired last year, L’Essentiel said.

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Tennessee Judicial Reform is Bipartisan & Our Goal is to Fix the System: We Need Your Voice in the Hunt for a Solution.

"Meeting a famous boxer was one of my special 'life moments' it happened at  LAX and a fellow passenger on our flight yelled out "Muhammad when's your next fight" ... Mr Ali shouted back "I don't know but I'll be ready"....that man had courage" Sharyn Bovat 

“It’s wrong that you have so many judges appointing judges that are judging judges,”       Senator Mae Beavers
“The body that judges judges, the Court of Judiciary, needs to be shut down and built anew”. Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey 

Tennessee Judicial Reform is a coalition of people in both parties our events might be sponsored by conservative coalitions but this issue is not partisan it's humanitarian.

Rasheedat Fetuga understands the problem that "average" Tennesseans are facing in the TN courts. She wants to make change & solutions.

Tennessee Judicial Reform is about Transparency!

Tennessee Judicial Reform harbors no special interest!

If you would like to become apart of a movement about promoting quality solutions for judicial change in Tennessee then join us by clicking here

David Barton a well known Evangelical Consitutional Christian is going to share his "thoughts".  Some people fear he's too far to the right others think that he offers a solution that will promote transparency and lead us back to a judicial system that respect the rights granted to us in the constitution. 

Please join David Barton on March 27th and listen then help us find the solution for Tennessee.!/2012/03/march-27th-david-barton-comes-to.html

If you want to work on a compromise and bipartisan judicial reform then join us.   This web site is a "battle of human decency" one that has Respect for ALL People.

We're citizens protecting the constitutional rights of ALL

The mainstream media tells people the republicans want to “seize power” and overturn Roe vs. Wade.  
That is NOT what Tennessee Judicial Reform is about: It's about Justice! click here for more on the mainstream media

"Tennessee it's Time for Transparency.
I believe judges should not judge judges & that politicians should not judge judges. The constitution wanted a country 'by the people & for the people' & it's the American People should judge judges. Had 'I not endured 19+ months fighting 'trumped up' charges then the issues I whistle blew about would have been treated with RESPECT & two federal budgets could have NOT included tax dollars that funded 'crony capitalism' the courts are an important part of our society. I want them to be fair"
Sharyn Bovat (pictured with Andrew Breitbart)

This web site is about JUSTICE! 

Please email me about the web site:

Sharyn Bovat: A former research worker connected to CIA & American political operatives is using her skills to create a "social media" campaign geared to motivating the residents in Tennessee to "insist" on making Judicial Reform happen.
ass fraud in the Department of Energy’s push to fund President Obama’s “pet project.” The electric car.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 27th Join David Barton of Wallbuilders and Hundreds of Tennesseans Who Want to Create Judicial Reform that Respects ALL Citizens and the Constitution

Tennessee Judicial Reform


Briefing With David Barton

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (CT)

Madison, TN

Join Hundreds of Tennesseans Who Want to Create Judicial Reform that Respects ALL Citizens and the Constitution

Click Here for Ticket Information

Click Here to Read Biography of David Barton