Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sharyn Bovat's Verdict ...After 19 months in the courts - being jailed 3 times- found guilty of a misdemeanor = to speeding ticket.

NISSAN Defaulted in Malicious Prosecution Lawsuit Sharyn Bovat Was Bullied By a Japanese Car Company for Telling the Truth.....

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From Sharyn Bovat:
My judge was fair (named Kurtz). The ADA Terry Wood was polite.
The jury convicted me on the "lowest" misdemeanor possible that is = to a speeding ticket.
The reason why they found me guilty is a "he said - she said" and they jury believe Rob from Nissan. He was professional and he read parts of my blog that made me look "ridicules" that part of the case was humiliating. Still I got to say WHY I did what I did & why I believed that I was not guilty.
Bottom Line: For the state to prosecute a misdemeanor for 19 months - have me jailed 3 times and to spend all the money prosecuting me for a crime that's = to a speeding ticket is INSANE. NOW I have to pay a $50 fine

Most Tennessee traffic tickets are classified as a Class C misdemeanor (e.g. Tennessee Speeding Ticket),
So NOW I rebuild my life. I was just invited to a couple "cool" parties in Washington DC.
I will also launch a blog about Green Fraud: I look forward to blogging a CPAC.
Also, I will try to get a job and "maybe" I can finally say "good bye" to Tennessee.
I asked the former Tennessean editor Mark Silverman if he knows any republicans and asked him to "help" me get a job. He's a decent guy and KNOWS i was "railroaded".
To those of you that read this blog THANK YOU for reading.
NISSAN has a LOT a lawyers... it truly was David vs. Goliath.
Have a Great Day!
Sharyn Bovat

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