Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tennessee Judicial Reform is Bipartisan & Our Goal is to Fix the System: We Need Your Voice in the Hunt for a Solution.

"Meeting a famous boxer was one of my special 'life moments' it happened at  LAX and a fellow passenger on our flight yelled out "Muhammad when's your next fight" ... Mr Ali shouted back "I don't know but I'll be ready"....that man had courage" Sharyn Bovat 

“It’s wrong that you have so many judges appointing judges that are judging judges,”       Senator Mae Beavers
“The body that judges judges, the Court of Judiciary, needs to be shut down and built anew”. Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey 

Tennessee Judicial Reform is a coalition of people in both parties our events might be sponsored by conservative coalitions but this issue is not partisan it's humanitarian.

Rasheedat Fetuga understands the problem that "average" Tennesseans are facing in the TN courts. She wants to make change & solutions.

Tennessee Judicial Reform is about Transparency!

Tennessee Judicial Reform harbors no special interest!

If you would like to become apart of a movement about promoting quality solutions for judicial change in Tennessee then join us by clicking here

David Barton a well known Evangelical Consitutional Christian is going to share his "thoughts".  Some people fear he's too far to the right others think that he offers a solution that will promote transparency and lead us back to a judicial system that respect the rights granted to us in the constitution. 

Please join David Barton on March 27th and listen then help us find the solution for Tennessee.!/2012/03/march-27th-david-barton-comes-to.html

If you want to work on a compromise and bipartisan judicial reform then join us.   This web site is a "battle of human decency" one that has Respect for ALL People.

We're citizens protecting the constitutional rights of ALL

The mainstream media tells people the republicans want to “seize power” and overturn Roe vs. Wade.  
That is NOT what Tennessee Judicial Reform is about: It's about Justice! click here for more on the mainstream media

"Tennessee it's Time for Transparency.
I believe judges should not judge judges & that politicians should not judge judges. The constitution wanted a country 'by the people & for the people' & it's the American People should judge judges. Had 'I not endured 19+ months fighting 'trumped up' charges then the issues I whistle blew about would have been treated with RESPECT & two federal budgets could have NOT included tax dollars that funded 'crony capitalism' the courts are an important part of our society. I want them to be fair"
Sharyn Bovat (pictured with Andrew Breitbart)

This web site is about JUSTICE! 

Please email me about the web site:

Sharyn Bovat: A former research worker connected to CIA & American political operatives is using her skills to create a "social media" campaign geared to motivating the residents in Tennessee to "insist" on making Judicial Reform happen.
ass fraud in the Department of Energy’s push to fund President Obama’s “pet project.” The electric car.

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