Friday, May 11, 2012

Afghanistan Vets Contacted Sharyn Bovat: They KNOW Tennessee Courts Disrespects America by Allowing for Freedom of Speech to be Squashed: Also they Protected a Foreign Company that's Funding Terrorist

The President oF IRAN Carpools in His NISSAN


My name is Sharyn Bovat I'm the NISSAN whistleblower: The story will break before the election. A lot of FRAUD happened and some of it is "solar" it's connected to SOLYNDRA. Investigations in DOE fraud are happening. I've been told "some are criminal".... I don't know WHO exactly. They won't tell me anything for fear I will blog about it:

Solyndra read my blog 1142 times. A few months ago a man from the Pentagon spoke to me "off the record" for 3 hours. This involves National Security
This video includes Matt Kisber and Reagan Farr: The DOE gave money to a company on the Iran Watch List...Yes! NISSAN is on the list American taxpayer money and Tennessee Taxpayer money is going to fuel the Iranian economy
I thought Andrew Breitbart might break it, now someone else will.

The NISSAN DOE loan was approved by a law firm hired by the Department of Energy... The Firm is considered an Obama bundlers.

This 2+ minute video highlights Tennessee racism, corruption and that Jobs will NOT be created in Tennessee. Each job NISSAN will provide could cost America 20 Million "each" Nissan got 1.4+ Billion and last month only sold 370 Leaf EV's sold. NISSAN is using technology is from the 90's there is dwindling demand for the car and LOTS of subsidies are needed to sell so few, it's a mess

Since NISSAN is on the Iran Watch list and has been identified doing business with Tehran they NEVER should have legally been allowed to use the Treasury bank.

It's been documented that NISSAN gives to charities that support the Muslim Brotherhood. The President of Iran drives around in a NISSAN. Attached is a picture I got from UANI (United Against Nuclear Iran).

Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on Electric Car chargers that
will ONLY work on Japanese cars. All done by Steven Chu & our President...surprised?
I've sent this Video to Washington DC insiders: Says the Tennessee State Legislature knew of DOE fraud and did NOTHING to stop NISSAN from drawing down on the 1.4 Billion DOE Steven Chu/Obama Bundler approved loan. The Treasury will have another “bad debt” and America made a bad bet.

This video explains HOW I learned about NISSAN DOE Fraud in Tennessee:

The Tennessean KNEW about the Fraud and did NOTHING... I can prove that too.
Wonder WHY Mark Silverman left the editors job?

It was Me :) I'm a bit of a bimbo BUT I LOVE America!
The Mainstream Media won't cover the NISSAN fraud to protect President Obama's Pet Project.
Mark Silverman of Gannett is STILL a friend of mine, we talk almost daily when he retires he will probably write a book about all this (fyi I did work for CIA operatives in the Reagan era I was around people connected to the Iran Contra scandal and I can say 100% the corruption in the Obama administration is FAR worse. I became a democrat in the 90's BUT I'm back in the GOP. I hope you will welcome me. Every plane has 2 wings :):)

Marsha Blackburn's office is aware: I've been emailing one of her staffers in DC with updates.
I do NOT like Lamar ALexander because he HAD to have know about NISSAN's excessive IDB debt. Bob Corker is my hero for sending my information to the Dept. of Justice BUT Eric Holder's office has done NOTHING.... Surprised?

I respect your time and will not overwhelm you with emails.... just monthly updates. Life in Tennessee as a whistle blower has been HORRIBLE. I complain about "Good Ole Boys" all the time BUT when I had a death threat a Tea Partier called me up and told me he had a fully loaded arsenal and said he'll protect me anytime. To him THANK YOU!

It's been a LONG journey.

Have A Great Day!

Sharyn Bovat


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