Sunday, May 6, 2012

Whistleblower Makes Video Asking WHY Tennessee Ignores Fraud.... Judges are Part of the Problem. It's How Hitler Happened.


"Worse than the Nazis were the Jews that fixed the ovens"   

A Holocaust survivor told Sharyn Bovat that and later in life she went to a concentration camp and saw the homes that were 100 yards from the ovens that burned the Jews.  Those people that lived in the homes saw the smoke and they stayed silent.   

A Tennessee teenager told me the Holocaust was "over publicized" many don't believe it was "that" bad.  To many teens in Tennessee Hitler is a "Hero"... I think THAT'S disgusting.  The Tennessean KNEW of inhumanity and so did executives at Gannett... I told Mark Silverman I think he's one of the Jews that fixes the ovens.  Unless people read about problems they will NEVER know they exist.   

Twice I testified at the Tennessee State legislature about the judicial harassment I've received for whistle blowing and spoke of the Fraud happening in Tennessee and it was IGNORED and taxpayer money was wasted and job creation is NOT happening.

 Have a Gr eat Day!    God Bless America...... 

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