Sunday, January 15, 2012

Could Change be Happening...... The New Recusal Guidelines are Good: What is Needed NOW is More Independence in COJ Committee.

“.....Tennessee, overnight, has one of the best policies in the nation,” said Charles Hall of Justice at Stake, a Washington-based campaign to reduce the influence of money and politics in state and federal courts...."  from Tennessean article link below

New ethics code for TN judges draws praise, concerns The Tennessean  Jan. 12, 2012 Brandon Gee

....The new code, which takes effect in July, provides more specific guidance on when a judge should step down from a case, including when a judge has received a level of campaign support from a litigant that would cause a reasonable person to question whether the judge can be fair. Judges also will be required to step down from a case if they have previously presided over a judicial settlement conference or mediation in the same matter.

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