Monday, January 2, 2012

The Mainstream Media Wants People to Believe Judicial Change is POLITICAL

"Social conservatives want to grab the power to appoint the majority of the commission’s members from the state Supreme Court and put it in the hands of allies in the Republican-run legislature".

When you read the article in the Nashville City Paper "in full" you find that the social coveratives "make a good point".... Most people don't read the "full article" and the mainstream media knows it.

....Janice Johnson, a onetime legislative director of the Tennessee Christian Coalition, is leading the charge for what she calls judicial accountability.

“I want the legislature to do their job,” she said. “There are three branches of government, and they’re all supposed to hold each other in check. The way the legislature holds the judiciary in check is they can impeach or remove rogue judges. We haven’t impeached a judge in 53 years.”

Social conservatives complain about the inherent conflict of interest of judges policing themselves under the present system. In a message to supporters, the Tennessee Family Action Council’s

David Fowler made that case: “Maybe few judges ever do anything wrong. But it’s no comfort to know that until recently, the Court’s investigatory attorney actually continued to practice law in front of the judges he was required to investigate. As my daughter would say, “Awkward!” And 10 of the 16 members of the Court are sitting state judges — sort of like the Titans having their coaching staff referee their own games.

Johnson says: “You’ve got foxes appointing foxes to oversee foxes that are raiding the henhouse. That’s exactly the way it’s set up. Judges are appointing judges to oversee judges.”....

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