Monday, January 2, 2012

This blog will show video clips from Court of Judiciary hearings. It will show the problems in the courts in Tennessee in a NON PARTISAN way. 

It's been communicated to me that the efforts of Mae Beavers are being diminished because she's a known "birther" and is considered "right wing".   That logic coming from the "mainstream media" and supporters of the status quo is ridicules. 

My name is Sharyn Bovat and I'm a Ronald Reagan moderate who's smart enough to know that Mae Beavers is insisting on changes in the judiciary because she's "ethical" and she wants HUMANITY in Tennessee.  In September 2010 I did a press release  to get attention about my ONGOING legal situation (I did a LOT of press releases...for a 1st time misdemeanor.)  In that one I used the "birther" issue.  Back when i wrote the press release I never could have known that Mae Beaver's would become on of my Tennessee heroes.


Nissan Whistleblower Faces Grand Jury In Tennessee Just Like President Obama

Sharyn Bovat, the middle Tennessee relocation consultant assigned to manage the move of Nissan board member Carlos Tavares in spring of 2009, will appear in the Circuit Court in Franklin, TN, at the Williamson County Courthouse 9am Monday, October 25th (Court Case cr-3923) and could face an indictment. Bovat alleges her arrest was politically charged like the case brought against President Obama that was heard by a Grand Jury December 1st, 2009 in Monroe County, Tennessee.    read more:

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