Monday, January 2, 2012

Kim Helper has Prosecuted a 1st time Misdemeanor for over 17 Months....WHY?

Kim Helper a political appointee of former Governor Bredesen has kept the prosecution of a 1st time misdemeanor going against a woman who spoke out about discrimination, fraud, and corruption for almost 18 months.  One of Sharyn Bovat’s judges is Jeff Bivins (he got a promotion from Governor Haslam).  Why did he let the case continue ?  Why did Al Nations let the case continue ? How did a Grand Jury indict Sharyn Bovat without evidence ?  At one court date the judge was absent & that delayed Sharyn's case. 
Nothing makes sense.   Can “someone” please explain it to Sharyn Bovat  615-415-6675.

Women in management at Nissan declined from 20.9% in 2006 to 10% 2009 (the year Sharyn Bovat  started telling Carlos Tavares a Nissan board member about issues) the man that harassed me "swore out' a warrant and the Williamson County DA Kim Helper has let a woman with no criminal record be jailed 3 times.

It makes "no sense" to have valuable "taxpayer" money used to prosecute those that spoke up about taxpayer wasted spending.  Still the prosecution continues.   Bovat’s lawyer told her that in discovery NOTHING was discovered.  That means the Williamson County DA has kept prosecuting a woman with “no” evidence.  Why?

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